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SaaSCan Presents at SaaS North 2020

SaaSCan Founder, Lauren Thibodeau is delighted to collaborate with Klipfolio co-founder and CEO, Allan Wille, and Pablo Srugo, Principal at Mistral Venture Partners, on a SaaS North 2020 session titled "How COVID-19 Is Messing with Metrics."

In April 2020, almost immediately after COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, SaaSCan was born. With prior SaaS churn and retention benchmarks no longer valid in the short term given the economic fallout of the pandemic, we knew new data was needed. And fast! We surveyed Canadian SaaS companies on their expectations for churn and retention in the next quarter or two. Fifty Canadian SaaS companies answered the call, and results were shared in Meetups, on SaaSCan social channels, and in our inaugural SaaSCan Research Insights Report here.

We're conducting a follow up study starting Aug 4, 2020, to see how closely reality matched expectations two quarters later. In the SaaS North 2020 session, we'll reveal for the first time what the latest data showed, along with CEO and Investor perspectives on what we can learn collectively as a SaaS community from the way COVID messed with our metrics.

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